User cabinet

    About user cabinet

    Personal user account is a special section of Screen Squid that allows a company user to access data on traffic statistics for his account. Heads of departments have the opportunity to watch statistics on their employees and generate PDF if they need it, and not distract the system administrator.

    The default personal account is available at [http: //yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab0] (http://yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab0)

    How to provide access to user personal account?

    To do this, create an alias for the user. In the form for adding an alias, there are three fields responsible for access to the office:

    • Activate user cabinet - when this flag is set, access to the account will be granted. If it is necessary to remove access to the account, it is enough to remove this flag and then, even with the correct login-password pair is entered, access will be denied.
    • Login - username for access to the office.
    • Password - a pass phrase for access to the user cabinet.

    Note : When the user enters the user cabinet, in the menu on the left, the topmost item will be the name of the alias, not the login.

    After creating the alias, you can go to the user cabinet at the address [http://yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab0] (http://yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab0). The authorization page will open for you. Enter your login, password and click the "Login" button. If the credentials are correct, then access will be allowed, otherwise a pop-up window will appear with an authorization error.

    Note : If you have several databases connected in the admin interface, you need to be sure that you are creating a user for the desired database.

    In working with cabinets, the rule applies - one cabinet per database. By default, the cabinet connects to the database with serial number 0, described in the main config.php. In order to connect to the base cabinet with serial number 1, you need to make a copy of the cab0 directory and rename it - for example, cab1. The name can be anything. Next, in config.php, cab1 directory, specify the number of the base to which you want to connect in the $srv parameter. After that, following the link [http://yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab1] (http://yourserver/screensquid/cab/cab1), you will get access to the authorization page of the base cabinet with serial number 1.

    In order to watch statistics by department, you must create a group. In the group, check the necessary aliases and then create a user account, as in the case of an alias.

    Now logging in to your account with group credentials, you will get access to group reports.

    Recovery of login and password from personal account

    If the user suddenly forgot the username, you can remind him by opening the alias table. If the user has forgotten the password, you will not be able to recovery it, because the passwords are stored in encrypted form. However, you can set a new password for the user. To do this, go to edit the alias, enter a new password and set the "Change password" flag. Click save. Now user can try to log into his account with a new password.

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