Module CategoryList

    About the module

    The CategoryList module allows you to divide visited sites into categories.


    • Download any volume of lists
    • Display site categories in reports


    Go to the "Manager modules", find the CategoryList and click on the "Install" link.

    Next, go to the module directory, there will be two Perl scripts.

    № p / p Name Description
    1 A script that generates a table of sites by category in the database from files. It makes sense to run only when updating lists in order to update data in the database.
    2 A script that sets a site category to tables with site traffic. It is necessary to run, after each execution of, in order to maintain the current state.

    Before running these scripts, you need to configure the database connection section, similar to

    The module was tested on the Shallalist lists. It is free for private use, but paid for commercial use. After downloading this list, unzip it into the module directory. Run and load all categories into a table. It can take some time.

    After completing the import of categories, you can either run manually or add it to cron. The operation of the script is very dependent on the size of the database. Therefore, putting down categories takes a long time.

    After completing the script, open the "Site Traffic" report. You will see an additional field "Category" in. The script categorized the sites according to the lists that were uploaded to it.

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