Module LDAPClient

    About the module

    The LDAPClient module allows you to automatically create / update aliases for logins using information from LDAP.


    • Creating aliases automatically with binding to logins using LDAP.


    Go to the "Manager modules", find the LDAPClient and click on the "Install" link.

    Next, go to the module directory, there you need to configure config.php. Parameters:

    № p / p Name Description
    1 ldapserver host with LDAP
    2 ldapuser The username on behalf of which you can connect
    3 ldappass User password
    4 ldaptree Branch in which to look

    After configuration, you need to go to the Screen Squid web interface and open the LDAPClient module. To synchronize with LDAP, click on the link "Get CN from LDAP". After some time of the script execution, aliases will be created in the database, according to the available information in LDAP.

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